July 19, 2020

Travel to Paris

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Some places have my heart and my soul. One of them is is Paris, I have always felt connected to the french language and culture.I had the blessing to travel to Paris when I was only 15 years old and it felt like being in a dream. A magical place where anything is possible.

I also remember the second time I went, 15 years later for my 30th birthday. A birthday surprise from my husband, because I had always said that when I turned 30 I wanted to be in the city of my dreams.

Last year, for my 35th birthday I went back with my dad and my family and seriously I could go back every single year. There is a simple and honest beauty you find in this city that just connects with my soul. The architecture, the cultural soul, the art and the food. Travel to Paris is filled with memories that are simply never ending. It makes me want to go back and back again and take more pictures with Enuel Viera.

I think if I was to renew my vows again I would want to have an intimate ceremony in my favorite place, Place Dauphine. How magical would that be? It is a charming little corner that has so much prettiness around. It is to me quintessential Paris. The beauty found in the simple sights. Because you don’t always need the “landmarks” sometimes you truly just need those places that you connect with and that connect with your heart. Those that make you feel alive and transport you to another moment in time. Maybe I am just a romantic at heart, but that’s what Paris feels like to me.

 La vérité vaut bien qu’on passe quelques années sans la trouver. -Jules Renard

“Truth is more valuable if it takes you a few years to find it.”

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